Our Doll House Photoshoot!

lifesize doll house

One of my favorite things about running this business is creating elaborate props and sets for our shoots! It’s a way to share the Gloomth Universe (aka the inside of my head) with the “regular” world. I love building strange environments for our models to exist in, doubly so if it involves making over the top props to use. For our recent “Doll House” photoshoot we built a life size doll house!

mint green lolita dress

lolita doll house

The inspiration for this set was an end-of-summer Victorian Grunge feel. Faded colors, shabby and broken toys, the way grass fades to yellow in the dry heat of late August. I filled the environment with old quilts, blankets, housecoats, doll panties, pillows, and tons of my antique/vintage toy collection.

We had a great time creating these photos and I think it really shows in the final shots.

We’ll have a breakdown of how we made the giant doll house for this shoot in a separate post but it worked so beautifully in this photoshoot you can definitely expect a few more with it before I dismantle it for storage. My friend and I made it entirely from scratch and I’m so pleased with how it came together.

Models Paige Marina, Autumn, and Vile.Gloom transformed into Victorian Grunge style dolls in this creepy attic feeling shoot! Thank you all so much for spending the day with me making weird art!

grunge living doll girl

victorian lolita

You can check out a whoooolllle lot more photos from this album on our flickr!

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