Doll Artist Mari Shimizu

doll artist mari shimizu bat wings

Japanese artist Mari Shimizu‘s gorgeous and haunting doll creations are absolutely captivating. You may have encountered some of her works on other websites without knowing who created them! Shimizu is entirely self taught and has been building these dolls since about 2000.

mari shimizu doll art

Each of her dolls feels as if it is part of it’s own story, a shadowy vision we can only guess at. Some emerge from religious reliquaries, others cage tiny angels or bunnies in their hollow chests. Impossibly delicate and alive seeming.

mari shimizu doll art

mari shimizu doll sculpture artist

mari shimizu doll art

There are many more of her sculptures in the galleries on her website and facebook below! All of the photos in this article were borrowed from those. 🙂


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