What is Victorian Grunge?

grunge valentine girl

Victorian Grunge is the term we made up to describe our aesthetic a while back. Since our inception in 2007 Gloomth hasn’t really fit into any subculture category fully- not goth enough, not following the made up lolita “rules” well enough, not historically accurate etc. It’s never really bothered us that we don’t fit in that way (we’re a love letter to the misfits among misfits) but it does get tricky to market a label and tag photos when we don’t represent any one scene.

victorian grunge fashion toronto designer taeden hall

Our roots are in riot grrl and diy cultures so it’s really only fitting we make up our own aesthetic title.  Victorian Grunge pulls elements from old school lolita styles, 90s grunge aesthetic, riot grrl independence, gothic melancholy, decaying vintage fabrics, and historical styles. It’s an antique lace handkerchief pinned to a blouse, a dollar store princess crown worn with a frilly party dress, a lolita frock paired with combat boots- it’s blending antique/vintage elements with street fashion styles.

gothic alice wonderland tea party

It’s loving the stories behind clothing, both old and new, and telling new stories through your presentation. It’s rebelling against arbitrary rules of style and challenging yourself to develop and explore creatively. It’s not restricted by age, race, or size.

Victorian Grunge is a celebration of your unique creative voice, of the history behind garments, and a sly nod to all sorts of pop culture elements. It’s Gloomth, it’s us, and maybe it’s you too?


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