New Midsommar Inspired Photoshoot!

midsommar headdress

I really loved Ari Aster’s new “Midsommar” horror film! It was the perfect start to a summer of hazy humidity, weird photoshoots, and haunted worlds. I created this summer-cult themed shoot with Gloomth Girl Azura Rose partly inspired by the film’s aesthetic and themes.

Azura wore our “Valance” dress as a simple sun-dress in this shoot with bare feet and a floral patterned vintage scarf draped over one shoulder to echo the embroidery in the cult members’ outfits in the film. For her Midsommar headdress I made a wreath of fake ivy and then raided the field near my apartment for wildflowers and leaves to braid into it. It actually held together really well through the shoot, though was quite wilted from the heat by the end of it.

midsommar inspired editorial

You can shop this look on our site!

Azura on instagram!

As always there are way more images over on our flickr!


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