gothic summer tips

Summer Tips for Gothic Dolls

gothic lolita summer outfit

Surviving summer as a goth or gothic lolita can feel impossible- heat, humidity, insects, and bbq parties. Managing to maintain your style identity while sweltering takes some effort but can definitely be done! Here’s our round up of summer gothic tips to help you get through to the fall with your unique aesthetic intact without having to hide in your home like a vampire avoiding sunlight for three months.

Parasols and Umbrellas!- Dark colored fabric attracts the sun which will only make you feel hotter. Keep direct sunlight off of your body using an umbrella or parasol like a proper Victorian lady! In a pinch I’ve even used a regular cheap light colored umbrella for this (light colors bounce the sun’s rays). There are loads of gothic parasols out there decked out in ruffles and lace. Or grab an spf rated double-layer one made for the sun (my favorite) , not only are these sunproof umbrellas made for avoiding the sun but they’re also waterproof so you’re never caught out in the rain with a soaked petticoat.

Basic sunproof umbrella on Amazon.

Pagoda shaped umbrella available in a ton of colors on ebay.

canadian gothic designer

Skip Some Layers- It’s not 2007, the lolita police aren’t gonna come for you if you don’t wear a blouse and over the knee socks with every outfit (anyone out there policing peoples’ fashion needs a real hobby and a kick in the ass). Wear your favorite jumperskirt as a sundress with a hoop skirt underneath to keep the airflow going. Pair with ruffled ankle socks and light wrist cuffs to keep the style darling.

A Big Hat- Keep the sun off of your face and neck with a fashionable sunhat! In the photos here we did with model Venomous Lollipop I used a big black vintage sunhat, similar ones are widely available and add some classic summer vibes to any look (while keeping the mean sun off).

Alternatives to Bloomers- Bloomers can feel like another hot layer in this weather. To keep modest (and prevent flashing half of town when the wind blows) I like slip-shorts like Jockey’s “skimmies” or any breathable layering short. They also keep your thighs from painfully rubbing together when the humidity is off the charts.

Folding Fans- Take a tip from the Victorian ladies and carry a little folding fan! You can find super cute fabric or paper ones online or at some Asian dollar stores. A bit of moving air while on transit can keep your face from melting off.

Sunscreen!- It won’t keep you cooler but I’m a bit of a harpy about sun-care so I’m gonna repeat this. 😉 Your moisturizer or foundation with it inside is not sufficient! There is no way you’re applying foundation as thoroughly as you would a sunscreen cream or spray despite it’s promises, nor are you re-applying it consistently enough to maintain it’s effect. Most people think “spf 40” means the sunscreen only keeps 40% of UV rays at bay which is not how those ratings work. For example a sunscreen with an spf value of 15 blocks about 94% of UVB rays; an spf 30 product blocks 97%, and an 45 blocks about 98% of rays. Past that the differentiation is pretty pointless. No product offers true 100% protection (only the cover of night can) from UVA/UVB so stick to shade and use some of the other summer survival tips here to keep out of the gross sun, and remember to re-apply often. 😉

You can see more of this summer inspired photoshoot featuring model Venomous Lollipop on our flickr album!

Shop the look on our site!


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