angelcore style inspiration

Angelcore Style

angelcore fashion with pale layers and pink nurse dress by gloomth

Angelcore is a term I am encountering more and more often in alternative fashion spaces. Curiously it fits right into some of my visual interests right now so I thought it would be fun to incorporate some angelcore (or grunge-angel) themes into a photoshoot! I also wanted to discuss what the theme encompasses and how to play with it in your own outfits.

angel print tights cherub outfit festival

To me Angelcore is a variation of feminine soft-grunge style. Think vintage, faded, and shabby feeling feminine things. Soft clouds in a blue sky, white lace and white feathers. Angels and cherub motifs with sweet flowers and silvery glitter. Moon stickers and rhinestones. Girly, but with a sorrowful and soft edge.

Angelcore fashion involves feminine dresses in pastel shades and prints with angels and clouds involved. Girly grunge with holy vibes. Sheer layers and white lace trim. Accessories like pastel plastic rosaries, ribbon necklaces, fake pearls, and white fishnets would incorporate nicely into this style. It’s an easier subculture style to play with because many of the items can easily be found second hand or restyled from pieces in your existing wardrobe!

For the styling in this angelcore inspired photoshoot I used our “Sugar Nurse” peach pink dress paired with our “Cherubs and Crosses” angel print tights. I layered a vintage sheer peignoir with white lace and ribbon trim over it for a flowy feel and to create movement in the photos. For Cindy’s hair I added a gold tone crown as a halo surrounded in white flowers and lengths of white gauze ribbon tied all over. I tied an old angel wall decoration I had to a length of ribbon as a necklace. Finished with white feather wings I borrowed from a friend!

angelcore style inspiration

Cindy created this feminine soft makeup look with rhinestones, pink eyeshadow, and heaps of pink lipgloss. You can see more of her makeup work on instagram.

There are a few more highlights from the shoot in the album below (just click to enlarge the photos). We had a great time creating these dreamy, soft photos. It was a nice change from the predominantly gothic themes I have been shooting lately!

You can see more angelcore fashion inspiration in this shoot over on flickr!

Thank you to Cindy for modeling for me again!


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