Gloomth “Sterling 2” Photoshoot

gloomth girl models 2019 toronto

At our recent “Sterling” photoshoot we had a second photographer, or really a first photographer since he’s sort of an “OG” Gloomth photographer. Welcome back my brother Russel Hall! 😛

doll hospital dress and miniskirt by gloomth

Having a second photographer meant we got twice the photos from the hour we had in this luxurious studio and ensured we got everyone’s outfit in the best light. The shots have an ethereal, silvery tone to them that’s really beautiful!

doll hospital dress by gloomth

victorian grunge fashion gloomthvictorian grunge fashion gloomth

His photos really capture how huge and gorgeous the space we had for this shoot was! It doesn’t show how bloody hot it was inside there though, holy heck…We were all baking under the wide sun-filled windows.

gloomth girl models

gothic crucifix leggings and dress by gloomth 2

All of the clothing in these photos is available on our website!

Heaps of thanks to our models for enduring the fastest shoot ever and to Russel for being our second photographer for the day.


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