New “Sterling” Photoshoot

gothic fashion by gloomth

This shoot was a big challenge for me! I don’t do a lot of studio shoots, most rental spaces are plain white and kind of dull, and I like a lot more details than that in a backdrop generally. When this gorgeous grunge-inspired studio came up for rent recently I leaped to book an hour there for us! With the peeling wallpaper, damask details, and vintage furniture it was the perfect balance between “clean professional studio” and “visually interesting mess”.

victorian grunge fashion dress by gloomth

gothic victorian dress by gloomth

I grabbed four of our favorite Gloomth Girls and explained the limited time and that they’d have to just go by the chart for what to wear so I could focus on taking photos. Thank goodness for our extremely patient and awesome models! I coerced my brother into shooting also, you might remember his work from a ton of previous Gloomth shoots (and I’ll post some highlights from his photos separately). With four models and two photographers we were sure to get the best we could out of the hour.

victorian grunge dress in grey cotton by gloomth

doll hospital print items by gloomth

We had a lot of fun creating these shots! It was an absolute whirlwind, I did not stop moving and with the giant open windows the space became incredibly hot very quickly. By the end of the shoot we were all sweaty and tired and very happy.

tea cup print party dress by gloomth

cherubs and angels and floral crosses print summer dress by gloomth

The resulting photos have a lovely moody feeling to them, lush shadows and the focus is kept on the clothing very beautifully. I don’t love doing plain studio photoshoots but these ones turned out really nicely so I’m quite happy with it all in all.

You can see the rest of my shots on flickr!

Thank you so much to our incredibly professional team of models who not only changed into multiple outfits but managed to look dazzling in a very hot room crowded with people and equipment!


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