New “Rustic” Photoshoot!

the vvitch witch photoshoot red velvet gothic prom dress

I have rewatched “The Witch” (VVitch) film about six times since it came out in 2015. I saw it in a local divey theater with someone who wasn’t into it (and wouldn’t be quiet, heh) and returned to see it in theaters another time on my own just to fully immerse myself in it. I’ve always loved horror stories involving settlers, the conditions of their lives were so brutal already and death was always in the shadows.

When I planned this shoot I wanted to create something inspired by the mythology that inspired the movie. As if Thomasin reappeared after joining the mysterious coven, haunting a local farm or the buildings left on her family’s land.

the vvitch witch inspired editorial gloomth

the vvitch witch inspired editorial gloomth

We found some gorgeous barns and stonework in the city to use as a backdrop and set out on a grey day to create these photos! Gloomth Girl Azura Rose looks positively luminous in our “Dracula’s Bride” dress and her own cape.

rustic farm witch with cape and red velvet blood colored dress gloomth

the vvitch witch photoshoot red velvet gothic dress

The contrast of the lush fabric against the raw wood and drab grey of the still wintery world is really pretty in these shots I think!

red velvet gothic lolita dress by gloomth

There are a ton more images in this series on our flickr!

Azura Rose on Instagram

Dracula’s Bride dress, available in sizes S-5XL here!


Much gratitude to Azura for braving a cold day to help make these magical photos!


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