New “Cabinet of Curiosities” Photoshoot!

gothic victorian fashion gloomth taxidermy cabinet of curiosities

Sometimes a photoshoot is just hanging out with your favorite people in a really cool space for a few hours! You might remember the amazing skull sculpture and other oddities I posted from the antique market last summer, they were owned by the incredible Cabinet of Curiosities shop! We got the opportunity to visit their shop in Dundas, Ontario and take photos amidst all the strange and wonderful items of all sorts. It was a perfect day and the photos really capture the fun we had I think.

gothic victorian dress by gloomth

gothic fashion cabinet of curiosities gloomth

Gloomth Girls Angel and Em modeled a whole bunch of Gloomth designs in the spectacular space. It was very challenging shooting in a crowded antique shop, I couldn’t really set up proper lights or a softbox without risking damage to numerous antiques. Pretty proud of how well these shots turned out despite the challenges!

victorian mourning dress in dove grey by gloomth

red hair gothic model holding a bobcat skull in an antique shop

We will have a whole video from this shoot as well soon!

red hair gothic model in gloomth dress

cabinet of curiosities dundas ontario canada gloomth

You can explore all the photos on our flickr album!

See Em’s new website!

Angel’s doll sculptures and artwork!

Thank you again to the Cabinet of Curiosities for hosting us! We can’t wait to collaborate with them again!


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