taeden hall gloomth designer toronto

Friday’s Cool Things

taeden hall gloomth designer toronto

It’s Friday! As per tradition Friday’s blog is for personal stuff or things I’ve seen this week that I think are neat. 😛

Recently I threw my annual Retro Recipes Party (where people make/bring things from those orange-tinged old recipe books, mostly jello’s..) which this year was a Valentines mash up. As always I went a littttttle overboard on decorations. I reused the big paper heart from our recent Valentine’s shoot and a whole lot of red light. I even used a red projector light to add sparkling red dots all over my apartment in the rest of the space. (Above is my outfit for that party).

retro valentines day party decorations

Image result for vintage valentine hot dog

A lovely vintage Valentine from “one who cares”….. ew.

And here are some things I saw this week that were inspiring or fascinating. 🙂

This illustration of deep sea fish from 1887.

These haunting Alice in Wonderland inspired photos by Vladimir Clavijo http://clavijo.ru/en/gallery/

Have a great weekend! It’s a long weekend here in Canada so we’ll hopefully start the week with a ton of new photos to share!


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