3 Valentines Photoshoots

kawaii lolita fashion toronto living doll gloomth

Tomorrow is Valentines Day so what better time to get inspired by all the pink and tackiness? Today we’re spotlighting 3 Valentine themed Gloomth photoshoots from the past! You can see the full shoots in their flickr albums.

kawaii lolita fashion toronto living doll canada gloomth

The first is our “Valentine Dream” shoot featuring Ashavari lounging in a pile of pink balloons, pillows, and teddybears! This is definitely a very saccharine take on the holiday’s aesthetic.

See the entire album here!

skeleton editorial halloween toronto fashion designer gloomth

In our “Skeleton Valentine” series Syringe hangs out with Basil the Skeleton in a shadowy dark dream. This is probably my favorite older Valentines themed series because it’s such a dark take on the holiday, an unexpected and strange perspective.

See more of this series here!

kawaii fashion toronto designer gloomth

And lastly we have our “Bright Valentine” shoot with Tomiko! This super bright and colorful series embodies all the silliness of the holiday. Tissue paper flowers and candy and foil balloons!

More from this album here.

Happy Almost Valentines Day!



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