Cool Things Friday – Heart Edition

Friday’s I’m going to try to go back to posting personal updates and stuff I’ve seen each week that is fascinating/weird/cool to me. Today’s are all heart-related in honor of Valentine’s Day! 🙂

Above we have a 19th Century woven hair art created by a nun from the hair she cut from her head when she adopted the veil. It’s an act meant to symbolize abandoning worldly concerns and vanities. I  thought this piece was incredibly beautiful and eerie.


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor

I found this photo from a 1956 article on manufacturing Valentine cards. Behind the scenes of shooting an ad for the cards! I especially liked the roses sort of just stuck to the heart cut out.


MIKAN 4949495 Photographers document information for research. 1958 [174 KB, 1000 X 1000]

Doctors getting photos taken of a heart for research purposes in 1958. This photo looks like a movie still from some bizarre sci-fi adventure…


Image result for vintage valentine heart

“Affections Offering”. Pretty much the best tinder tag-line right there. So unenthusiastic and chilly, it’s the Victorian equivalent to “u up?”.

Happy almost Valentines Day!



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