“Every Alien’s Favorite Cousin”

valentine themed gothic nurse outfit

It’s easy to be cynical when social media is flooded with celebrity-remembrance posts. Nowadays “celebrity” is so often something carefully manufactured by a team in a conference room somewhere: disingenuous, sponcon haunted, and buzzword dripping- aimed to hit the marks that “trend forecasters” have gleaned from all of our interactions online. You can smell the oil of the “machine” on that stuff. However some “celebrities” rose to popularity during times when doing so didn’t require a team and analytics, some are true artists and icons, changing culture as they change themselves time and again before our eyes.

David Bowie was an artist, and influenced millions of misfits and queers throughout our lives. His impact can be seen in all manners of art and music, spanning decades. A master of reincarnation throughout his life, I like to think of him reborn now in a form we can’t even recognize for all it’s wild difference.

On today, David Bowie’s birthday, I just want to gesture back at the incredible speech Tilda Swinton delivered for the opening of the “David Bowie Is” exhibit as it encapsulates the magic and power of his creativity, how even now it inspires the weirdos, draws us forth and connects us.

Thank you Mr.Bowie.

“Yet, I think the thing I’m loving the most about the last few weeks  is how clear it now is – how undeniable – that the freak becomes the great unifier. The alien is the best company after all. For so many more than the few.”

And this portion that feels so perfect today:

“So. Where are we now? Well, I know you aren’t here tonight, but Somehow, no matter

We are –
And you brought us out of the wainscotting like so many
Freaky old bastards
Like so many fan boys and girls
Like so many loners and pretty things and dandies and dudes and dukes and duckies and testicular types
And pulled us together

By you
Dave Jones
Our not so absent, not so invisible, friend

Every alien’s favorite cousin
Certainly mine”

The whole speech can be read here: http://www.vam.ac.uk/b/blog/va-network/tilda-swintons-dinner-speech-opening-david-bowie?sf10717152=1


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