New “Messy Bedroom” Photoshoot!

victorian grunge fashion outfit gloomth toronto

Our last Gloomth photoshoot of 2018!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing how much time flies, this year has felt terribly slow at times but has sure sped up in the second half.

This time we shot a whole bunch of our print designs to get fresh photos of those and to show them in a different light. I’ll break the giant shoot into a few to share over the rest of December so it’s not a giant overwhelming heap. 😉

victorian grunge fashion outfit gloomth toronto

As usual Atticus couldn’t resist snuggling our model Paige Marina. Both my cats like new people but Atticus is always especially excited for visiting women of all ages heh. He is not very interested in male visitors, curiously.

Paige is wearing our new “Cherubs and Crosses” dress!

victorian grunge fashion outfit gloomth toronto

I built a quick set in my space inspired by a messy bedroom floor. Toys and clothes strewn around, a few elements from a birthday party, pillows etc. A cacophonous background of colors and textures that really echoes the fabric on our new dress.

There are loads more photos from this set on our flickr!

Thank you to Paige Marina for modeling for me again!


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