End of Year Sample Sale!

The end of 2018 is quickly approaching (thank fuck) so we’re clearing out our studio to make room for our next run of designs and basically so I can walk in it. I’m going to update this list as I sort things over the next few days but here are some samples for sale!

All of these are in stock, ready to ship, and heavily discounted! First to pay gets the item, we take square or paypal. Email to arrange- taeden@gloomth.com Prices listed in USD.

how to dress like a gothic witch gloomth

“Victoria” Sample- You get the exact dress shown above. It’s a little longer than the production version and also has a shorter yoke ruffle. Size small- 34″ bust, 28″ waist. Best suited to someone with narrow shoulders. $75 + $10 shipping worldwide.

dolly momoiro gloomth model

“Lotus” Blouse Sample- As shown. Black cotton, buttons down front, no stretch. Size small/xsmall. Bust up to 33.5″, Waist 28″. $40 + $10 shipping worldwide.

gurokawa outfit fashion gloomth

“Doll Hospital” Dress- Size Medium- Fits a bust up to 37-38″, Waist up to 32″ super stretchy. $55 + $10 shipping

gothic valance corset dress toronto gloomth

“Valance” Dress– Original version in the non stretch black cotton blend. Size Medium ish. Bust up to 37″, waist up to 30″. $75 + $10 shipping worldwide.

halloween print skater dress gloomth

“Halloween” Dress– Size Large. Exactly as shown. Bust 36-39″, Waist 30-32″ $55 + $10 shipping worldwide.

clown fashion makeup photoshoot gloomth

“Cream” Blouse- On right in the photo. Exact one as shown, minus the bow tie. Cream cotton blend, no stretch, black buttons. Smallish. Bust up to 36″, waist up to 29″. $20 + $10 shipping worldwide.

More will be added so check back!


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