New “Conjure” Photoshoot

red velvet gothic dress antler photoshoot gloomth

On summoning a storm.

The weather dipped down to appropriate seasonal temperatures here briefly with an icy wind blowing from the lake, and that’s when we decided to do this photoshoot. Now it’s warm and humid again and my fingers aren’t numb operating my camera, and Rae Luira isn’t half frozen….So maybe we didn’t time that very well, but I just had to get photos of our new “Dracula’s Bride” dress out in the wild!

gothic lolita red velvet prom dress gloomth

We set out to the park and hurried to a few locations to create these beautiful, autumnal photos! Rae did her own makeup and it coordinated beautifully with this stunning new dress. She’s wearing a vintage gold tone charm necklace and a headband with gold metal flowers from Urban Outfitters.

The antlers you see in the photos are resin casts based on a real set! No deer were harmed in the making of these photos. šŸ˜‰

antler gothic photoshoot lolitadraculas bride gothic red velvet lolita dress gloomth

There are heaps more photos from this set on our flickr!

Check our Rae Luira on instagram.

“Dracula’s Bride” dress is available in sizes S-5XL on our site!

Much thanks to Rae for suffering the cold weather for this gorgeous photoshoot!


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