Gloomth Halloween Photoshoots

halloween bloomers pumpkin rump gloomth

We love creating new and fun Halloween themed shoots every year here and we have tons for 2018 underway already! Here’s a look back at a Halloween shoot from almost every year Gloomth has existed (missing one from 2007). Hopefully these will inspire your seasonal outfits or at least get you excited for the best time of the year! 😉

If you’d like to explore any of these albums just click the links there to see them in entirety on flickr!

Terrible Tea Party” 2008 – Our first ever narrative photoshoot that really has sort of set the tone for what Gloomth Girls embody. Also we cut up a teddybear and smashed dishes with a hammer.


pumpkinhead jackolantern gothic halloween photoshoot gloomthpumpkinhead jackolantern gothic halloween photoshoot gloomth

“Pumpkinhead” 2009 – Photos from this shoot have ended up in illustrations and recreated dozens of times, it’s pretty awesome to see! Yes, that’s a real pumpkin. Yes, it was super heavy.


vampire photoshoot gloomth


Vampiress” 2010 – Part of a day long shoot at a rented location! I created about six different themes which we shot in various locations around the venue. Exhausting but we ended up with tons of great shots from the day.

guro fashion by gloomth

Medic” 2011 – Again with the bandages.


gothic halloween photoshoot with pink hair model and black and white lolita dress

The Halloween Party” 2012 – A darling group shoot taken by none other than the House of Pomegranates.


gothic witch pumpkin patch photoshoot by gloomth

The Pumpkin Patch” 2013 – One of my all time favorite Gloomth shoot experiences!


ghost outfit by gloomth photoshoot taeden hall

Spirit Photograhy” 2013 (yes yes, 2 for 2013)- This is a lesser known Gloomth shoot but one of my favorite styling projects. I wrote love letters on strips of cotton and tied them all over our model along with all sorts of other tatters.


cute gothic lolita halloween witch outfit by gloomth

Candy Witch” 2014 – A super cute lolita inspired Halloween shoot!


lolita model in autumn leaves gloomth vanessa walsh taeden hall

Autumn Colors” 2015 – My first shoot with Vanessa Walsh and one of my first acting as Gloomth photographer!


pumpkinhead mask jack o lantern girl gloomth

Pumpkin Girl” 2016 – Revisiting the Halloween girl-with-a-pumpkinhead theme. 😉


october bride with white pumpkin gothic fashion gloomth

“October Bride” 2017 – A haunted forest photoshoot with the longest vintage wedding veil ever…

We won’t include 2018 quite yet as I have a whole month of Halloween themed shoots ahead!!! 🙂


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