Halloween Deadline 2018

scary clown outfit makeup lovely lor gloomth

Yes, it’s only August but if you’re planning to wear Gloomth to your Halloween events here are all the useful deadlines to keep in mind!

SEPT 18th: Print items (like our Scary Clowns dress shown above) including our leggings, t-shirts, skater dress etc have about a 1 month turnaround time since they’re manufactured on order. We *may* be able to get one to you before the 31st ordered after the 18th (but before the end of September) but cannot guarantee arrival dates as of yet for these.

OCT 17th: Stock Designs! All of our stock collections (apart from the Valance dress which is currently in stock and ready to ship) should be in our hands long before Oct 17th and thus shipping when ordered. Please note this is our first foray into manufacturing on this scale and we’ll do our best to keep all the dates as transparent as possible, but it’s very much out of our control. Order by Oct 17th to arrive for the 31st!

These deadlines may be shifted due to order volume or if Canada Post goes on strike and we have to source another delivery service.

Questions? You can always email us (info@gloomth.com) ahead of placing an order to arrange faster shipping and we’re happy to answer any questions you have on our deadlines or anything Gloomth related.


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