New “Witches” Photoshoot!

gothic witch fashion by gloomth

Happy first Halloween themed shoot of 2018!!!!!!! We’re so excited to begin our favorite season with this lush gothic series!!!!!!!!!

For this one we did an end of summer witch theme. Languid spell-casters lounge in a decadent Gothic space, drawing tarot cards and summoning devils. Em and Azura Rose were the perfect Gloomth Girls for this theme, becoming captivating dark sirens.

gothic witch photoshoot altmodels gloomth 2018

Both models are wearing dresses from our “Victorian Grunge” collection! Em is wearing our “Victoria” dress and Azura is wearing our “October” dress.

black velvet gothic witch dress fashion gloomth

witch occult gothic model gloomth

You can check out the entire series on our flickr!

how to dress like a gothic witch gloomth

Thank you to both our models for making this shoot come to life! Happy Almost Halloween!!!!


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