New “Nurse Doll” Photoshoot!

gloomth-nurse-lolita-medical-outfit-canada (1)

Medical themes have been a part of Gloomth from the beginning, whether I’m festooning our models in lengths of gauze or smearing glittery fake blood on them. It’s been a way for me to explore my fear and anxiety around doctors and medical procedures in a creative way. And also they’re just a lot of fun to style! šŸ˜‰

Our new “Nurse Doll” photoshoot showcases our “Good Nurse” dress and apron modeled by the super talented Cindy M. Yu! She also created the killer makeup look for this shoot.

gloomth-nurse-lolita-medical-outfit-canada (1)

gloomth-nurse-lolita-medical-outfit-canada (1)

We had such fun shooting around the old loft buildings near me! These gorgeous industrial spaces are such a contrast against the new condo developments in the area and just have such a cool feel in their alleys and halls. I love how dilapidated they seem as a backdrop (despite it costing hundreds of thousands to buy a single room unit in one).

gloomth-nurse-lolita-medical-outfit-canada (1)

I kept the styling very simple for this shoot! Cindy is wearing a costume nurse hat from Spirit Halloween, red flats, and white sparkle socks.

gloomth-nurse-lolita-medical-outfit-canada (1)

The photoset in it’s entirety can be seen here!

See more of Cindy’s amazing makeup work here!

Thank you to Cindy for modeling for me! It sure feels good to be back shooting all the time again and building our world. šŸ™‚


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