Toronto Harajuku Style 3rd Anniversary Party

toronto harajuku 3rd anniversary house of vr gloomth event

Gloomth was so thrilled to a part of the Toronto Harajuku Style 3rd Anniversary party! We had a great time meeting everyone and taking a million selfies in the gorgeous multi-colored light.

taeden hall toronto artist gloomth

The event was hosted at “House of VR” which is honestly the most selfie-perfect location I’ve ever worked an event at- colorful lights, cool backdrops, fun furniture! I wore a custom version of our “Tuxedo” dress in mint green kitty print fabric, with a tattered 1940s housecoat over it, and a ratty pose doll pinned to my head. The theme for my outfit was “Wedding” so a bridal themed doll as a hat, wedding ring brooch, babydoll, and more! Can you spot all the matrimonial details in my outfit?

gloomth booth

You might remember my killer mustache from Wolek’s Mustache Parlour from last Halloween. It has withstood many wears so far and I am just beyond excited about adding a mustache to my frilly style. It feels so right! 😛

The super talented Angel Card kept me company through the event, and brought the incredible White Rabbit sculpture she made!!!! You should definitely check out her doll repaints and original sculptures here.

angel card art white rabbit wonderland sculpture

Angel is wearing the new version of our “Medic” dress! Available for Pre-Order Now!!!

angel card art gloomth model

toronto harajuku style gloomth booth victorian grunge

Our table was “Victorian Grunge” themed to go with the new line’s aesthetic! Mostly just a mess of doilies, vintage lace, my deco-crosses, toys, and a fake cake! Oh and of course our compilation video of photoshoot films we have made.

victorian grunge gloomth toronto canada taeden hall

We got to see some of our favorite familiar faces! Gloomth Girls Sandra Von Ruin and Emily Elizabeth Estrange! Emily is also wearing Gloomth’s “StGloomth Hospital” Skirt!!!!

gloomth girls toronto gloomth eventgloomth event

Thank you to THS for inviting us to this amazing party and to everyone who came out to say hello!

Other upcoming Gloomth events will be listed here on our site! Come out and keep us company at our next one. 🙂


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