Victorian Grunge 2 Photoshoot!

victorian grunge gloomth toronto sandra von ruin

We took an awful lot of photos at our recent preview shoot for our Victorian Grunge collection! This is the second set of photos. Models included were CheshireCat, Sandra Von Ruin, Hexcelle, and Vanessa Walsh!

You can read about the inspiration and story behind the set design for this shoot in the previous post! This post is going to focus more on the model styling.

victorian grunge fashion toronto designer taeden hall model vanessa walsh

Most of the samples we were shooting were solid black so they popped awesomely against the dizzying colorful backdrop. For the makeup in this shoot I went with vibrant solid colors, messily applied and blended out for a soft-grungey feel. Big lashes (as always) and little touches of glitter. Childlike and playful, but still suitable to our line’s aesthetic and feel.

I also made tiny assemblage crosses to match the large ones I built for our 10th Anniversary party (which can be seen hanging in the background in some shots). These were made with hot glue filled with rhinestones, googly eyes, pompoms, and more.

victorian grunge fashion toronto designer taeden hall

I filled the models’ hair with clips, lengths of plastic dollar store necklaces, and doll parts. And kept the styling simple and free, not too coiffed or sleek.

victorian grunge fashion toronto designer taeden hall victorian grunge fashion toronto designer taeden hall

For the outfits themselves the models each wore various fishnet stockings, some tattered and ragged and some tidier. With lengths of plastic vintage beaded necklaces around their wrists, spiked collars, or just lengths of dayglow colored laces tied all over. I was inspired by Cecilia’s use of bracelets to hide her wounds in the “Virgin Suicides”.

We have so many more photos from this shoot on our flickr album!


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