Victorian Grunge 1 Photoshoot!

victorian grunge fashion toronto gloomth altmodel

We have *SO* many photos from our preview shoot for our upcoming stock collection, and these aren’t even all the designs we’ll be offering! So we’re going to break the shoot into a few pieces to share on here so it won’t be too terribly overwhelming.

victorian grunge lolita fashion toronto canada gloomth gothic style

I got to flex my set-design skills building this elaborate environment! The inspiration behind it was the “accumulation of memory”, how we keep worthless objects that are tied to precious memories or moments in our lives. How over time we accumulate memories and ideas and it all simmers away inside our heads building who we are. The clutter of a life thoroughly lived.

Included in the set are childhood board games, vintage housewares, toys (of course), an heirloom quilt, photos of my ancestor’s tombstones, one of my grandmother’s diaries, and countless other objects that are knitted to my own memories- and moments in Gloomth’s history as well.

victorian grunge lolita fashion toronto canada gloomth vanessa walsh

Models- CheshireCat, Sandra Von Ruin, Hexcelle, and Vanessa Walsh wore some of our upcoming stock designs and fit in beautifully in the set! I’ll have a full break down of the makeup and accessories I created for this shoot in another post.

victorian grunge lolita fashion toronto canada gloomth gothic style hexcelle

We have a TON of photos from this half of the shoot on our flickr!  

The dresses shown will be available for pre-order shortly. 🙂

Thank you to my patient models for helping make this vision come to life!!!


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