gothic princess makeup outfit

Suddenly spring is upon us and everything is moving at top speed here at the ‘Cult! We can finally update you on our move to production and we’re delighted to get back to doing what we love.

Someday I’ll write properly on the process of moving to a manufacturer, perhaps when it is less emotionally fraught and more a thing I am accustomed to. Suffice to say it has been Difficult. Learning curves, financial limitations, timing, grumpy factories, etc. Like all evolution it has had it’s had it’s share of struggle. But we are finally seeing progress!!!!!!!

Gloomth will be launching our first four designs as pre-orders very soon! Updates on exact dates and pre-orders will be disclosed soon (things are again thrown into flux over here).

As styles sell out we’ll be adding new designs and items to the site, so grab your size and favorites while you can! Each style will be limited edition and numbered, thus keeping them exclusive and unique. We’re expanding our size range to include more plus sizes, and improving our fabrics and construction across the board!

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, without you we wouldn’t be able to take this step and grow towards something even more amazing. Stay tuned for our launch photoshoot and pre-orders!!!!!!!!!!



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