Revisiting our Past

I reorganized my home office this week in an effort to prepare for the influx of stock clothing that’ll be appearing soon (and will need to be stored here for the foreseeable future). I found quite a few odds and ends that reminded me of periods of Gloomth’s existence these last 10 years. I thought I’d share a few here today with you for amusement’s sake.

gloomth flyer collection

First we have some flyers! The one on the left is from our Halloween Party hosted at a real candy shop, it poured rain and maybe 10 people came, we had fun anyway. Middle one is a flyer-coupon we did for our first ever Tea Party and features one of my drawings. And on the right is a very old flyer with CheshireCat on it and a coupon code STAPLED to it with a tiny slip of paper (um, punk rock?).

old gloomth photos

At one point we printed a bunch of shots from our photoshoots at the time for a booklet to set out at shows for people to look through. I found these extra copies buried in a drawer. Kuroihitomi!!!! Our first swimsuit collection, shots taken in the living room of the house I lived in when I started Gloomth, and a shot from our first ever photoshoot with a narrative! These were all long before I became the Gloomth photographer, I sure wish I’d started that journey way earlier (for so many reasons).

I’ll post more little glimpses into my life with Gloomth as I do more sorting. 🙂


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