A Peculiar Feeling

gothic princess makeup outfit

Today I deleted the shop tags from our main website so the items from our current collection won’t be “shop-able” anymore. We’re still preparing for the launch of our first stock collection, it is an arduous and intense process- made all the more so by how strangely emotional the experience is. I am so incredibly grateful to have the support and encouragement to take this next step, thank you for that!

So today I deleted shop tags off our internal server thingy and felt wistful. I started Gloomth with zero knowledge of coding past some basic html from various personal projects. I remember spending 3 whole hours being instructed over the phone from the most patience customer service rep at Yahoo ever how to make shop tags, how to build our forever wonky and delightful website. We have come a long way!

Later this week I’ll launch our brand spanking new fancy website, which I’ve been working on since last fall (we’d originally hoped to launch the new system for the start of 2018, if that gives you an idea of the delays and labor involved in this transition). For a little while we’ll only have our print designs available and accessories, while I get the last new design samples confirmed and tagged and photographed and measured etc.

We’re planning to launch the first little range of designs all at once, so we’ll be waiting for them to all be set and ready and in my hot hands at once. I’ll surely post a timeline the moment I feel I have a proper one. 🙂

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. We’ll be relaunching this blog too with lots more content and exciting things so it’ll remain quiet til the collection is prepared too!

THANK YOU for sticking with me through this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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