Farewell to Gloomth’s Haunted Circus

This week we finished our last bolt of striped fabric from the “Haunted Circus” collection and since we move to the new production system in less than a month we won’t be re-ordering any during that time. Deleting the sales code for those items off the Gloomth site was a surprisingly emotional experience for me and I thought it would be good to write about it here, maybe more for myself than anything.

Our “Haunted Circus” collection will always hold an important place in Gloomth’s history. It was the first really successful themed collection we created. We also began to come of age as a label with it I feel. I built a backdrop for the launch shoot I am still proud of and we set it up in a big field near my apartment and spent the afternoon taking photos and goofing off. It was one of those days where there’s a heat-shimmer of magic over everything. Our models were perfectly Gloomth, climbing trees and picking up bugs and talking about gross things the entire time. I made art with my friends for a whole day.

The video captures the electricity of the day so well, it also has the hands of everyone involved in that shoot on it. David Keyes who filmed it, Russel Hall our photographer, our models- Fine Lines, CheshireCat, Nymeria.

So much of the process of taking this next step evolution for Gloomth has been very emotional for me, and I’ll write more on that when it’s all finished (don’t want to curse anything so early, heh). I am so hopeful about the future and working my proverbial ass off to set things up for the new system to be a success.

The “Haunted Circus” original collection may be discontinued but the spirit of that line will be reimagined in future designs and will always be a part of our aesthetic story.

Thanks for being a part of that too.

(You can see the entire collection shoot on flickr)


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