Revisiting Classic Gloomth Photoshoots

cheshire cat gloomth white rabbit alice in wonderland

Since we are relaunching our collection later this spring I thought a fun project this year would be revisiting some of our favorite shoots from over the years! Amazing to think we’ve been making weird art for over 10 years now and we certainly have a sea of photoshoots to show for it!

I began styling and art directing shoots heavily in about 2008, it’s something I’ve always loved doing for Gloomth. As the label grew I took on more parts of the process and now act as photographer for almost all of our shoots.

Looking back at our early work is admittedly a little cringe-inducing. I wish I’d taken up photography earlier and some of my styling choices are kind of well, bad. 😛  But we all have to start somewhere!!!!

So to make this an interactive process vote below on which of these classic Gloomth shoots you’d like to see me revisit first! I’ll get to them as soon as I can, and it’ll be fun to compare the original images with the new ones. You can also suggest other shoots of ours, you can see our entire list of shoots on flickr here!

Here are the ones mentioned in the poll in case you need a reminder:

“Harajuku Bunny”- CheshireCat’s first ever Gloomth shoot with us! – A colorful take on Alice in Wonderland in a lovely park setting.



“Fancy Wrapping Paper”– I loved the concept of this shoot but it was shot before I began working as a photographer and the end result was just kind of lackluster (sorry sorry don’t @ me).

Fancy Wrapping Paper


“Winter Fawns”– this is a JOKE there is no way I am redoing this shoot. Yes, we did fawn makeup long before snapchat did. Snapchat, where my royalty cheques at? (also a joke).

Winter Fawns


“Dark Dream”– I’d love to explore Shironuri makeup and styling some more, even though it seems to have drifted from the alt-fashion consciousness lately.

A Dark Dream

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