New “Haunted Forest” Photoshoot!

gothic skeleton makeup gloomth editorial toronto

For our new “Haunted Forest” photoshoot I transformed Hexcelle into glittering skeleton royalty against a backdrop of vibrant autumnal leaves. This was a very collaborative shoot as I was feeling quite under the weather. Hexcelle brought a bunch of her own wardrobe items and we built a look utilizing those and Gloomth’s “Carmilla” dress (yes, a variation is going to be back soon for that dress!).

gothic forest skeleton makeup autumn gloomth

We layered a purple striped waist cincher as well as several types of bustles to add some Gothic Victorian flair to this outfit. The gorgeous skull collar is for sale and was made by Hexcelle herself!!!!

gothic skeleton makeup victorian gloomthFor the hair in this shoot I wrapped two braids of Hexcelle’s hair around armature wire and wound them into a big loop on top of her head. I then spread Halloween spiderwebs over the loop and decorated it with a beaded spider and some hair clips. For her makeup I did a play on the skeleton makeup styles that have been going around like crazy this fall! Utilizing a range of purples and some black, as well as false lashes on top and bottom, and finished with violet glitter accents!


gothic skeleton outfit halloween victorian gloomth

We’ll have more fun shoots soon! I hope you like these photos!

You can see more of them on flickr as well.


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