New “Lagomorph” Photoshoot!

bunny mask editorial photoshoot gloomth gothic

Lagomorph: The lagomorphs are the members of the taxonomic order Lagomorpha, of which there are two living families: the Leporidae(hares and rabbits) and the Ochotonidae (pikas). The name of the order is derived from the Ancient Greek lagos (λαγώς, “hare”) +morphē (μορφή, “form”). There are about eighty-seven species of lagomorph, including about twenty-nine species of pika, twenty-eight species of rabbit and cottontail, and thirty species of hare.

bunny mask editorial photoshoot gloomth gothic

HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEN! Just before we rush off to give ourselves stomach aches with candy here’s a special Halloween photoshoot with Gloomth Girl Vanessa Walsh to share!

These photos also mark my first time shooting with my brand new Pentax dslr which I am beyond excited about. 🙂

bunny ears hair style gloomth

bunny mask editorial photoshoot gloomth gothic

We had lots of fun out in the golden autumn sunshine creating these photos! Even if it was a bit chilly. The bunny mask was a quick find at a costume shop near me, and it’s so perfectly creepy in the photos.

For Vanessa’s hair I wired two braids into tangly bunnyears. Her makeup I tried to echo the colors on the mask- pink, white, grey- with some clownish theatrical flair.

bunny ears hair style gloomth

I also shot with my regular camera this day so we’ll have a whole second set of images to share as well! 🙂

Vanessa is wearing our “Mabel” blouse and “Viola” skirt in black.

Thanks again to Vanessa for modeling for me for this shoot!

Lots more photos on flickr!

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