New “Fashion Clowns” Mini Collection!

clown fashion photoshoot makeup hair party hat

To celebrate Gloomth’s 10th anniversary we’re doing several themed mini-collections throughout the year! Our newest is FASHION CLOWN! We released it Friday, right in time for the movie “It”s release in Canada. 🙂

clown fashion makeup photoshoot gloomth

This collection features little touches from previous discontinued collections revamped into something fresh and adorable! CheshireCat, Kuroihitomi, and Sandra Von Ruin transformed into creepy clown models for this fun shoot.

Amber Thomas Penchoff created the amazing hair-party-hats you see!

fashion clown makeup party hatclown photoshoot gloomth

There are heaps more photos from this shoot on our flickr!

We’ll be sharing detail photos and info on each of the new designs themselves on the Gloomthzine this week! 🙂 Heaps of gratitude to our amazing team of models and our hair stylist for helping bring my weird ideas to life!!!!


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