10th Anniversary Book Fan Art Contest!

kawaii raver clown onesie gloomth toronto

It’s happening! We are doing a 10th anniversary Gloomth book as part of our celebration of turning 10 this year! We will be releasing it in time to use funds from the sale of the book to help with our anniversary collection and party in Toronto (details soon soon). In the meantime we’d like to include some Fan Art created by our customers, friends, and fans in the book itself!!!!

Since facebook won’t let us post much of anything about a contest over there we will post an album with the submissions there for “voting” (FAN ART CONTEST ALBUM 2017)! Simply LIKE (hearts/interactions etc also count as 1 vote) your favorite piece and the artwork with the most interactions will be the winner!

Our first Fan Art Contest entries can be seen here.


1- Create a piece of VISUAL artwork inspired by Gloomth, whether that’s a drawing/painting, digital art, photo manipulation, sculpture, etc- anything visual! Not writing/poetry please as this contest is just for visual artwork this time. *Art must include one of our designs somehow!* Can even be a discontinued design/item but it needs to have something Gloomth related (flickr albums for inspiration). Cannot be a piece submitted to any of our previous Fan Art contests.

EMAIL IT TO US AS A JPEG. Please just send 1 photo or several photos worked into a collage, we won’t post more than one in the voting album. Email: taeden@gloomth.com

2- Get voting/commenting! Tell your friends to come and like/interact with your submission to boost your entry! The biggest prize goes to the art with the most interactions on the photo so get cracking! We will tally the likes/etc August 10th, 2017. Each like/heart/reaction counts as a vote, and each comment posted counts as another vote (one comment per person/name/only will count- don’t spam or it’ll disqualify the art entirely, I mean come onnnn.)

VOTE HERE: https://www.facebook.com/pg/gloomth/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10159088166595531

FIRST PRIZE: Artwork submission with the most likes/interactions/comments on the facebook album as of August 10th 2017 will be included in our anniversary book to be published this fall. Winner will get a copy of the book as well as a $100 gift certificate towards anything on our website (not applicable to shipping or event/party tickets).

SECOND PRIZE: Gloomth’s favorite! We’ll pick our favorite submission based on totally arbitrary qualifications and award this person a $75 gift certificate code towards anything on our site- (not applicable to shipping or event/party tickets).

THIRD PRIZE: Second most likes/interactions in the album on facebook gets a $25 gift certificate towards our site- (not applicable to shipping or event/party tickets).

Everyone who submits a piece of artwork to this contest will be emailed a special exclusive discount code towards their next purchase on our site. 🙂


-One entry/art piece per name/person/email/etc.

-One comment on entry per person/name/account etc, if you spam and entry it results in that entry being removed from the gallery and thus losing so don’t please.

-You do not need to be a professional or trained artist to enter this contest. We aren’t judging based on quality or professional level work. The first prize is for likes so if you have lots of people who can participate that’s great, the second is our favorite, and the third is second number of likes. You can win simply by creating something unique!

Questions? Email us! Good Luck!


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