Introducing our “St.Gloomth Hospital” Collection!

st.gloomth hospital medical lolita outfits

We are so excited to introduce our first new collection of 2017! St.Gloomth Hospital! The perfect, eerie blend of old school lolita styles, ghostly influences, and Gloomth’s own aesthetic.

lovely lor for gloomth medical outfit

We collaborated with Lovely Lor and Ashavari on the launch photoshoot! It was officially my first time shooting a collection by myself in a studio (as a photographer) and we only had 2 hours in the space so it was a huge rush. I think outdoor narrative-style photoshoots are more my thing but there are some really cute photos from our session! Heaps of gratitude to Lovely Lor and Ashavari for tolerating my crazy fast photoshoot, it was so much fun working with both of them. 🙂

lovely lor gloomth nurse dress

ashavari gloomth medical fashion toronto

2017 marks Gloomth’s 10th anniversary and we will have lots of fun things to share to celebrate! Including several mini-collections! Our St.Gloomth Hospital line features an updated version of our Medic dress, a gorgeous corset overdress, and announces the launch of our Doll Hospital leggings.

ashavari gloomth medical fashion toronto

lovely lor gloomth nurse dress

You can check out the collection here! As well as *all* the photos from the shoot on flickr! We’ll be discussing the individual designs over the next few days here. 🙂

Thank you to our team for this shoot! We can’t wait to share all the designs with you!

For now you can check the line out here.


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