International Womens’ Day Thoughts

gloomth and alchemy of england rooftop

I’m wary to attach the label to days or specific protests, it often seems disingenuous to me when companies do that. Like Dove and their bullshit “real” beauty campaigns while still selling skin whiteners and while their parent company owns the “Axe” brand which has such charming (read- barf barf barf) ads. Don’t lie to my face that you’re a part of the struggle when you just want to sell me something. However I personally think these days and the marches and taking action within our communities is vital.

So here’s a few IWD thoughts. While we are fighting every day to claw back the rights governments in North America (and beyond) are pulling from us it’s important to honor those that have come before us in this fight. Who haven’t burnt out in their pursuit of equality in their years of work. Those that have died fighting this. Those that are often silenced by mainstream/commercial feminism or hardly heard from- lift their voices too because we are *all* in this together. Take care of those at risk in your community, participate when you can, and listen to the experiences of women who’s lives are different from your own. They matter. You matter. Keep safe, keep strong, keep fighting this fucking thing.

To the dudes: she shouldn’t have to be your friend, mother, daughter to expect rights and equality- she is a person. Full stop. If she has to matter to you personally to be awarded human rights you need to reconsider your position. Listen to women. Stop silencing us and derailing causes with crap posts on the internet about “womens’ day off”, try to learn why this should be crucial to all humans. If you’re finding all the talk about women exhausting- bummer. Privilege is often something you can’t see from within it, read read read, learn learn learn. We still like you, it’s not about one gender over another- it’s about human rights.



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