Custom Photoshoot Party Packages!

meryle trouble gloomth toronto

We’ve had lots of inquiries about our next Gloomth Photoshoot Party (it’ll be April 2nd, we will begin selling/reserving spots soon)! However if you have 6 friends who’d like to participate at once we’re happy to coordinate a custom one just for your group!!! It’d make a fun birthday party idea! 🙂

With the custom party we’ll coordinate everything same as we would for a public event- a great team of stylists, photographer, venue, snacks, accessories etc- but it will only be open to your group! Party with your friends and get great photos from the day. We can even accommodate specific themes and feels if you have a style you’d really like to be created for your group.

Pricing will be the same as our regular parties, all 6 participants must have paid in full at the time of booking, we’d need 6-7 participants confirmed in order to proceed with the event. Pricing will change if you want this coordinated outside of Toronto (it’s definitely a possibility but it’s logistically more tricky for us for obvious reasons).

To arrange your Custom Photoshoot Party please contact me directly and we’ll get it set up! (


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