Our “Gauntlet” Photoshoot

gothic dress by gloomth with skull armor

On what seems like it may have been the last really warm day of 2016 we did a whole afternoon of photoshoots with Gloomth Girl Hexcelle! It was so great to get outside and try and capture so many outfits and concepts in one day. The result is 3 different looks and so many great photos! I’m going to write a bit about the inspirations and looks we created for these shoots this week. πŸ™‚

steel gauntlet armor photoshoot gloomth

Our “Gauntlet” shoot was the first of the 3 looks we did that day! I layered our new “Chapel” dress over intricate fishnet sleeves for some extra detail (and warmth). The gorgeous black skull shoulder-piece was created by Hexcelle for her Halloween outfit and when I saw it I just knew it had to be in one of our shoots! You maybe recognize my metal armor gauntlet from previous photoshoots, it’s appeared semi-frequently.

For the makeup in these shoots I wanted to create 1 look that could be updated easily on location that’d suit 3 different concepts. I went with a soft black eyeshadow with a white accent, as well as several layers of lashes. For the “Gauntlet” series we incorporated a pair of vampire fangs and green lipstick from NYX.Β Β The gorgeous choker shown was provided by Alchemy of England.

gothic outfit by gloomth

gothic fashion made in canada gloomth

When shooting this series I wanted to find natural backdrops in soft reds/golds/greys to really make the black dress and details pop. The light was simply beautiful and we really lucked out with a nearly empty park near my home! πŸ™‚

There are lots more photos in this series in our flickr album.

Thanks to Hexcelle and Alchemy of England for making this shoot so amazing!!!!


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