Photos from Miss Havisham’s Dolls Tea Party!

gloomth miss havisham tea party toronto

Our “Miss Havisham’s Dolls” Tea Party event this past weekend went super well! It was wonderful seeing all the incredible, over the top outfits this time! It was such a busy day I don’t think I paused to thank everyone who attended individually and I wish I had.

gloomth havishams dolls tea party toronto

This was such a successful event and I am so honored that people are interested in our parties. We will definitely be hosting more in the new year!

The outfits this time were absolutely spectacular!!!! I think my jaw hit the floor as people walked in and I didn’t recover til the event was done.

Thank you again to my amazing team of helpers, models, and drivers- and to everyone who attended this party!

There are more photos in our flickr album!



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