New “Dried Roses” Photoshoot!

toile print babydoll victorian dress gloomth

The second set of photos from my shoot with Gloomth Girl Sandra Von Ruin is this “Dried Roses” series! An antique-feeling set using our “Victorian Bird” dress as a focal point, with jewelry by Alchemy of England.

alchemy of england timepiece gloomth

We only have a couple of our “Victorian Bird” dresses left! Once the fabric has been used up the design will disappear forever, so now’s your chance. This adorable babydoll style dress looks great worn without a petticoat on casual days (as shown in this shoot) or wear it with a light cupcake shaped one to fluff it up a bit!

gothic doll dress gloomth

The necklace featured in this shoot is Alchemy of England’s “Uncle Albert’s Timepiece Choker” and it’s a perfect compliment to the lush toile dress.

babydoll lolita dress gloomth

Thank to you our lovely model and to Alchemy of England for helping create this dreamy shoot!

You can see all of the photos in this series in our flickr album!


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