Gloomth Photoshoot Party #2!


gloomth photoshoot party

This past weekend was our first ever Gloomth Photoshoot Party! It was so much fun spending an afternoon creating looks and photos with our participants. Since we had a waiting list for the Oct. event we’ve booked a second session for December 4th for those that missed out! 🙂

Facebook Event

We ended up with really varied collection of looks from the afternoon! Everyone brought their own personal style and taste to the shoots and it’s really amazing to see!

We can’t wait to do it again! If you’re in Toronto Dec 4th we’d love to see you! It’s a great way to try our clothes and a whole new style, as well as get gorgeous professional photos of your finished look. We have an amazing team on deck and a model coach to help you feel comfortable while modeling!

Thank you *so* much to everyone who helped out or attended our last photoshoot party! It was such a wonderful moment for me to see our team and our style come to life this way!

(You can see the finished photos from the day here)


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