New “The Midway” Photoshoot!

midway photo vintage toy print dress gloomth

This long weekend I spent mostly working on Gloomth stuff! Between Thursday night and Friday evening I did 3 photoshoots in under 36 hours! It was a little intense and maybe not my best choice but it felt great to create so many diverse images with old friends and new people. And now we have heaps of new photos to kick off our favorite season!

gloomth midway photo retro toy print dress

The first was a goal I’d had for a while- to do a photoshoot at a midway at night! I love carnival and midway aesthetic, the garish lights, the nauseating flicker of a million bulbs, everything is stained and unnatural (probably explains much of my wardrobe these days, heh), bad graphics, those fried onion things. So when I found out Gloomth Girl Mistress McCutchan was free Thursday night I dragged her to the Toronto CNE at dusk!

gloomth vintage toys skater dress

midway photoshoot cne toronto

It was a challenge to shoot in such a crowded and frantic environment. The lighting conditions changed constantly, people shifted around us, and everything felt like a spun out sugar dream. We had an awful lot of fun running around the midway snapping between breaks in the crowd.

gloomth vintage toys skater dress

There are heaps more images from this series in our flickr album also!

Mistress McCutchan is wearing Gloomth’s new “Vintage Toys” skater dress in the photos! It was the perfect garish pattern to work with the carnival aesthetic. And some of the toys in the print were old midway prizes so they felt very at home too! 😉

Thank you to our awesome model and to the crowds for not getting us kicked out of the midway, but no thank you to the 80+ year old man who tried to lift my skirt while I was taking photos (ew wtf).


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