Fall Outfit Ideas With Bloomers


Bloomers work beautifully under fluffy skirts and dresses to add some Victorian modesty to your formal styles, but we like them a lot used in other types of outfits too! Here are some ideas on transitioning your favorite Gloomth bloomers into fall outfits. 🙂

cotton bloomers gloomth

Our “Petite Coquette” short bloomers would great layered with over-the-knee socks in early autumn. Pair them with a long sleeved cotton top, like our “Lotus” blouse (as shown) for an easy antique feeling look that won’t overheat you in the weirdly warm days of early fall. The socks shown in the photo above were supplied by Sock Dreams and can be found here!

long cotton bloomers

As the evenings start to get cooler our “Mon Chou” longer bloomers are a great option. Layer them over tights or pair them with tall boots for a Gothy doll feel. We love them worn with longer blouses or a vest and shirt combination.

short ruffle bloomers

For a cuter take on autumn looks we like our “Cheri” ruffled bloomers paired with dolly platforms and layered knee socks over tights (for warmth)! Finish with a cute blouse and sweater for an adorable retro doll feel.



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