Gloomth x Alchemy of England Giveaway- CLOSED

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Gloomth has teamed up with Alchemy of England jewelry for this giveaway! We have been featuring their gorgeous pieces in our photoshoots this summer so we thought this would be a great way for you to get your hands on some of their stunning designs that work so nicely with Gloomth’s style!!!!

One winner will get 1 $50 gift certificate to Gloomth’s website (good towards anything we sell, and it never expires) and 1 $50 gift certificate to Alchemy of England‘s website (good towards any of their pieces)!!!!!! The prizes will be delivered via email directly to the winner.





How to Enter: Comment with a single comment below on this blog entry and tell us your favorite Gloomth design and your favorite Alchemy of England design! You must include an email address that we can contact you at if you win. One entry per name/address/email please (duplicates will be deleted). Contest is open worldwide and to any age participant.

Example:I love the Viennese Nights necklace and Gloomth’s Valance dress!

Winner will be posted here Tuesday, August 16th and chosen via random number generator (!!!! Your prizes will be delivered via email.

Alchemy’s catalogue can be found here.

Gloomth’s catalogue can be found here.

Please share this contest with your friends! The more interest in our contests the more we can team up with other sponsors to make them extra amazing. 🙂 Questions? Email me!


>>If you experience errors when entering the contest please let us know, sometimes wordpress is a bit huffy<<


46 thoughts on “Gloomth x Alchemy of England Giveaway- CLOSED

  1. It is hard not to notice the Alchemy of the black rose poison ring so outstanding and beautiful.
    It is very fashionable and combined with Gloomths damask dress I look so very alluring and lovely
    and totally in style..

  2. I absolutely adore Alchemy’s Bacchanal Rose Necklace, as well as Gloomth’s Obsidian Gothic Dress.

  3. If I had to narrow it down, I love Gloomth’s Waterlily dress and Alchemy’s Runeband ring! So pretty. 😍

  4. It’s so hard to choose a favourite! But I definitely love the boldness of the Rabeschadel Choker from Alchemy and the Vrai Noir corset overcoat from Gloomth!

  5. I love Gloomth’s pumpkin bloomers – they’re so cute! The Black Raven pendant from Alchemy is really beautiful too!

  6. Oh Thats Easy ! I’ll always love The Camilla series , There are sooo many Beautiful ones to choose from, And from Alchemy, The Consort ,The Ravens , absolutely Beautiful !! Its Hard to choose when they are both ..Gloomth and Alchemy have some of the most incredible outfits and jewelry around !

  7. There is definitely lots of favorites form Alchemy Gothic, and Gloomth, which makes this a very hard task. If I HAVE to pick one of each, it’s She Walks In Beauty Choker from Alchemy Gothic, and The Obsidian dress from Gloomth.

  8. It’s so hard to narrow down just one favorite Gloomth dress….but if I absolutely had to pick, it would be the Star Carousel Circus Dress. :3 It might be just as difficult to pick a single Alchemy piece, too. ^^; I think I shall settle on the Coeur du Moteur necklace.

  9. Ahh my favs are the cute Bower Troth ring because of how quaint and cute it is and the “Chrysanthemum” dress because of the color, for one, and how elegant it looks ❤

  10. I love the Alchemy’s Litternere and Gloomth’s “Vrai Noir” Corset Overcoat.

  11. I’m absolutely besotted by the Gloomth Valence dress, and Alchemy’s Reliquary heart locket. It’s hard to force oneself to choose only a single piece from each maker–as all their little pieces of art of heart meltingly lovely,

  12. Charlotte from Gloomth is a classic dress that I love and would like to get my hands on pairing that with St Petersburg Tear from Alchemy of England would be a timeless beautiful outfit that could work for any event or just day to day life. if I had to pick one from from each that’s what I would pick

  13. I love Alchemy gothic’s villa Diodati chained pendant and Gloomth’s hymn dress! I’m so excited for this

  14. Okay. I am attempting again to enter(I tried and it did not show. If you find it, disregard this one). I love Alchemy of England’s Villa Diodati Chained Pendant and I would pair it with the “Aristocracy” blouse from Gloomth!

  15. I loooove Gloomth’s “Obsidian” dress and Alchemy’s “Passion Choker”! ❤

  16. I love the Valance dress from Gloomth and the Gothic Bat necklace from Alchemy. It’s refreshing to see Gothic plus size clothing.

  17. Alchemy’s Flock of Crows necklace and Gloomth’s Mourning Glory dress are my favorites

  18. I loved the Bed Of Blood-Roses Necklace from alchemy of England and alouette party dress from gloomth design. They are just perfect!<3

  19. My favourites are: Bacchanal rose bracelet from Alchemy and lotus blouse from Gloomth

  20. I absolutely love the Viennese Nights collection from Alchemy. I love bats and the necklace is gorgeous! I live the Valance dress from Gloomth- I tend to favor Victorian styles.

  21. I love gloomth ‘Wicked Thursday ‘ corset blouse and alchemy intense engagement ring

  22. I’m delirious about the “Swallow Heart Necklace” from Alchemy, it’s truly both bewitching and captivating and the “Eloise” Victorian Cotton Swim Set with Collar and Trim from Gloomth’s is exceptional elegance at its best. I could see myself wearing both of these with delight at their unique rarity!

  23. This was really hard to narrow down, From Alchemy I am all kinds of in love with the In Nomini Patrie bracelet. Gloomth’s Charlotte dress is absolutely perfect.

    My email is francesdanger at gmail dot com

    Thank you!

  24. The elegant feel of Gloomths Aristocracy
    blouse with Alchemy’s Bleeding Heart Necklace would look absolutely divine!
    I’m hosting a midnight masquerade for halloween this year, and I think these pieces would look stunning with the outfit I have planned.

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