How To Order Discontinued Gloomth Designs

damask gothic party dress

Most of our designs are only available for a limited time, and those that stick around for longer periods often experience shifting identities as our vision for them changes. If you’ve ever missed out on a Gloomth design while it was publicly available you may like to know we are willing to make most discontinued designs as custom orders! 🙂

Sometimes it’s a fabric or trim availability that has resulted in our removing the design if that’s the case we’ll work with you to create a variation of that design exclusively for you. Cost is the same as a tailored version of that design (unless you want fancier fabrics etc). We are also happy to source fabric specifically for your order if you have an exact color or type in mind.

pastel purple gothic lolita dress

You can find all of our photoshoots over the years with images of many of our now extinct styles in our flickr album page. 

If you’d like to inquire about a discontinued style of ours send me an email at please!


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