New “Livery” Jacket and “Midnight” Skirt!

pleated doll skirt with velvet trim

Our new “Livery” jacket and “Midnight” skirt make a great outfit together and an awesome starting point for lots of other looks too! Part of our new “Ghost Story” collection.

The “Livery” jacket is based on an actual Victorian clothing pattern, of course blended with Gloomth’s signature strangeness and modern touches. It’s shown here in our new dove grey cotton but we offer it in a few other colors also. Trimmed in black velvet ribbon. It makes a great layering piece over a dress or corset!

victorian doll jacket

Worn with our matching “Midnight” skirt it creates an adorable Victorian doll outfit. Reminiscent of 1900’s school uniforms with just enough modern influence to not look like a period costume.

victorian doll outfit

The skirt is soft and pleated, it looks lovely worn over a petticoat for a dolly silhouette but equally good without one for a more casual a-line.


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