Looking Back At Our Collections

This week is a bit overwhelming in last minute preparations for our collection shoot this weekend! These are our biggest photoshoots and months of planning goes into the outfits, hair, makeup, styling, location etc etc etc. I can’t wait to share the results, and we’ll be posting lots of live content to instagram etc as we shoot for the curious! 🙂

It seemed a really good time to look back at our previous collections. The links in each description will take you to the flickr albums for each collection, where *all* the photos can be seen!

st.gloomth academy collection

Our first collection was our “St.Gloomth Academy” line! Pieces inspired by a strange school and it’s uniforms and traditions. This is a collection I’d really like to revisit someday as many of the designs have been discontinued over the years.

gothic circus outfit night circus costume

Then came “Gloomth’s Haunted Circus” was so far the most fun to create! Vintage circus inspired styles and such a fun photoshoot.

coffin photoshoot editorial

To celebrate the release of an edition of Carmilla I illustrated we did a small “Carmilla” collection and even built a 6 foot coffin for the photoshoot!!!

kawaii skeleton costume spooky cute

Our “Candy Dream Prom Party” was the first time I really went all out building a set in my home studio. It was a lot of fun despite all the unnecessary drama leading up to this collection launch.

victorian mourning dress

The “Memento Mori” collection feels sort of like when we came of age as a label, it shows the roots of where we came from and glimmers of where we are going.

candy lolita dress

Last year’s “Black Licorice” collection was such a wonderful line and an even more wonderful photoshoot! The pieces did not last long on the site, with all the fiddly hand sewing required many have disappeared as supplies became difficult to procure consistently from our suppliers.

This year’s theme is Ghost Story and I am so excited to share the pieces with you soon!


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