Gloomth Spring Coupon Code!

victorian mourning dress gloomth

It looks like spring has finally come to our neck of the woods! We’re excited for the change in season, even if it means the grossness of summer isn’t far behind. 🙂

To celebrate we have a little discount code just for our readers here at the ‘zine!!!!!!

Use the code: spring15

And get 15% off any order on our website shop ( even on the Outfit Deal! The coupon is valid only once per order but you can place as many orders as you like til it expires. If you have other codes of ours just send me an email with your order and we can combine them to use all at once!

Expires: April 27th, 2016.

Please share this coupon! 🙂 We very rarely do coupons or discounts on the site (apart from the Outfit Deals) so use this code while you can!!!


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