New “Faded Forest” Photoshoot!

pale forest witch outfit gloomth jasmin skull

This past weekend the weather was finally spring-like so I ended up doing two quick photoshoots! The second of which is this dreamy set with the gorgeous Jasmin Skull.

forest witch damask dress gloomth

For this shoot I wanted to create something with a witch-y feel, the last magic of spring faded into the blaze of summer. Jasmin wore our “Sepia Damask” dress layered with a vintage peignoir from my collection and a tangle of necklaces and talismans.

damask bridesmaid dress gloomth

damask bridesmaid dress gloomth

Jasmin looks like a complete dream in these photos! Much gratitude for her help creating these lovely shots.

There are quite a few more on our flickr as well. 🙂


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