Gloomth Bunny Ears Photoshoots

I suppose it still counts as Easter Weekend today. We have had a lot of bunny themes in the Gloomth photoshoots over the years- from our bunny doll mascot (Vinegar) to the little bunny fetus in our logo- we just can’t escape the lagomorphs. Here are a few of our shoots involving bunny-ears to keep the Easter hop going, starting in 2009 (since all my pre-2009 photos are buried on a hard drive I don’t use these days). 🙂

harajuku inspired bunny outfit

Going waaaaay back to this colorful and cute shoot featuring CheshireCat as a sort of white rabbit character with a broken umbrella. You can see the rest of the “Harajuku Bunny” photoshoot in our flickr.

black lace mask with bunnyears gloomth

More 2009 bunny-ears and CheshireCat! I made this quick lace bunny mask for the shoot (another weirdo parking garage rooftop series, what the hell was our thing for that spot?!).

goth girl with bunnyears and purple hair striped socks gloomth

Gloomy Sunday wearing our “Pale Tuesday” top makes an adorable dark bunny in these photos from 2010. There are a few more in the “Bunny Doll” album on our flickr.

gothic lolita and black bunny

Hop over to 2011 and the black bunny lamp I repainted! More CheshireCat looking adorable! There are a handful more of these pictures in our “Black Bunny” album.

cult party fashion gloomth bunny

In 2012 Fine Lines had a whole bunch of bunnies (a murder of bunnies?) in this adorable shoot called “Bored Bunny“!

toronto gloomth fashion

Also in 2012 we have this lovely pastel shoot with Cassia Sparkle and some daisy bunny-ears I made.

lolita girl with eyepatch and bunnyears by gloomth

Hannah Bloodbunny was a perfect model for these daisy bunny-ears again and their matching eyepatch in 2013! More in our flickr album.

gothic makeup look in purple black gloomth

Sandra Von Ruin becomes the “Dark Bunny” in our 2014 photoshoot with some black lace bunny-ears.

I don’t know how we managed to not shoot a single pair of bunnyears in 2007, 2008, or 2015!!! 😉


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