New “Vanilla Spring” Photoshoot!

gothic victorian dress

The weather was glorious on Saturday! Breezy and bright, wispy clouds scuttled through a brilliantly blue sky. So of course I had to coordinate our first outdoor shoot of 2016!

gothic lolita toronto gloomth

victorian mourning fashion toronto

CheshireCat braved the wind and glaring sun to create this magical series. I wanted to capture the feel of early spring, the earth thawing while everything is still swathed in shades of grey and brown. Death fading back to life.

handmade gothic dress

CheshireCat wore our “Obsidian” dress which was a beautiful contrast against her opalescent hair and the pale scenery. The “undershirt” in the photos is actually just a pair of old lace tights which I cut a neckline into worn as a shirt!

I’m so glad we got to do this shoot! I have been pushing my photography work trying to improve and this afternoon’s work feels like it finally is starting to show those efforts. I am inspired to create lots more soon!!!!

gothic clothing gloomth

We had a lot of fun creating these photos, which I’m sure you can tell from looking at all 56 of them! 😉 There are loads more in the flickr album.

Heaps of gratitude to CheshireCat for braving the windiest day ever for these shots!


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